For football players everywhere, a Super Bowl ring is the ultimate goal. Eli Manning has 2 Super Bowl rings from his New York Giants career, but you won’t see the Ole Miss great ever sporting them.

The rings came up during Manning’s Monday chat with Dan Patrick.

“I don’t wear them much. They’re so big, and clunky,” Manning said on The Dan Patrick Show. “It’s not comfortable to wear. It hurts your fingers afterwards.”

Manning said that he and some of his Giants teammates thought to buck the bling trend and avoid making their 2008 Super Bowl rings “the biggest thing in the world.” Those plans, however, got scrapped once Michael Strahan got involved.

“Michael Strahan shows up 45 minutes late and goes, ‘The only thing I care about is I want a 10-table ring,'” Manning said on the show.

Strahan then explained the “10-table ring” to his teammates.

Manning recalled Strahan saying, “When I walk into a restaurant, I want you to be able to see this thing from 10 tables away.”

Manning and Patrick agreed that a wearable “class ring” and a larger, fancy display ring might be the way to go for future winners.