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I prefaced with I might be alone on this for a reason. I very well may be wrong on Brock, but as much as all love to think we’re the Georgia coaches. We’re not.
Corch you could have disagreed without the ad hominem. There's a reason no one takes you seriously even when you do make a good point.
I know I may be alone on this one, but I will again say. I think Beck is the only one who will leave this team. I just don't see how he stays. The ONLY way he stays, and I just don't think happens, is if he plays just well enough to not be benched. I just see him either getting benched or getting first round hype, nothing in between. He will either be off to the NFL (esp if he leads a 3 peat) or transfer after losing his job to the more athletic Vandagriff (which is not to say he's better) .
I disagree. I think if anyone transfers in May, it's Beck. He's either going to have an amazing season and lead his team to the playoffs, or he's going to be underwhelming and likely get pushed for his spot. I just don't see him being a bulldog next year.
Getting arrested in the DFW area for public intoxication is not a surprise. What school is in the DFW area? Lol On a serious note, it's not a good look, but y'all acting like this hurts his chances in the NFL is funny.
Just saw this but all of this. I just made this point above. Comparing him to how he was nearly 10 years ago isn't a good place to start and acting like his offenses didn't put points on the board is also wild. I'd assume Bobo's knowledge has grown. But hey we can always hire Shotty since it's no no no at Bobo
Bobo's most predictable aspect was running a screen on third and long. No. I am fully aware of how Bobo was ............almost 10 years ago. Outside of AJ Green name THE guy in Bobo's offense that was world class on the outside? He didn't have a Bowers. And he's been under Monken now. Monken was predictable in his tenure at stops too. Comparing who Bobo was 10 years ago vs now is foolhardy at best.
The Bobo years were fine at Georgia. And though he failed as a HBC he was fine as OC at his stops, including South Carolina and Auburn. Lack of talent at South Carolina and ineptitude at head coach/meddling boosters on the planes. They wouldn't be changing their philosophy if Monken left and with the talent Bobo will do fine. Not saying that's who I want, but I wouldn't be mad. Georgia immediately went from 8th to 85th in ppg after he left.
I don't think that was a big challenge though this past year. Monken just simply schemed for other players to a lot of a success. I think the opposite will happen this year. As someone else mentioned, I think Bowers might become a safety blanket and his targets might go up, but I think with that he won't look as good as he normally does because there will be some ill-advised passes sent his way.
They're going to have to show me they fixed that offensive line before I buy stock in anything Kentucky.
Without a deep dive, SCar the only game I see Tenn losing potentially even if Milton isn't all that spectacular. It's a long ways to go, but very well could come down to UGA vs Tenn in Knoxville.
Unpopular opinion. I think Brock pushes for QB1. I think Beck is the favorite and likely will start game 1, but even before Kirby's mobility comment, I had this feeling about Brock. Yes - Gunner volunteered to get hit, but you think if Beck volunteered Kirby would have allowed him? No. It says a lot about the kid's character and willingness to win, says nothing about his ability. I think Brock pushes and loses a close battle. I think Beck has either the best year ever for a UGA QB (statistically) becomes a top pick and leaves, or struggles and loses his job. No in between. Either way i think 2024 under the new playoff format, UGA will have a new QB1 and with the amount of potential games will need both Vangagriff and Gunner.
In fairness, I’m here for the comments. Also this reads as journalists are beyond reproach when you go somewhere else . Idk though.
Agreed, as quickly as the two incoming wideouts came along. We'd be foolish to not think that there wasn't some sort of tampering going on. I doubt either come that quick without knowing the situations they're coming into, which also points to knowing AD would be gone ahead of time. With McConks and Bowers returning. The QB is still the biggest question. I very much think Beck is the frontrunner, but more than ever i think that's dependent on what the O-line looks like. I can see a situation where you see Brock (or Gunner) getting early game action as a running threat if there are staff concerns about the o-line.
Monken does spread the ball out, yes. This system doesn't stop an elite receiver from getting his numbers. I don't know why we're all acting like over the years Georgia has been marching out 1000 yard receivers before Kirby. I'm more concerned why receivers can't stay healthy under Kirby. McConkey is a slot receiver. His 700+ yards (while essentially missing 2 games btw) is actually a lot for a slot. Yes, a receiver in this system isn't going to get a tonne of targets SCHEMED for them every game, but let's be real, you don't need the "stats" you need the film.
Is it not weird gwhite has more comments on this article to any UGA fan?
Even if he was dismissive, so? His tenure at Georgia is over and he brought two rings to this University. His obligations ended there.
I believe he has two more years of eligibility left (I'm assuming), but it makes sense for him to leave. 4 years at UGA, I'm going to assume he has gotten, or will be getting his degree. If he has anything left in the tank he should go somewhere where he'll get the playing time. With what he went through you can't get back to where you were if you don't get the looks, and his looks were going to be limited with the two incoming receivers, the tight ends, and the returning receivers (assuming AD and Arian return)
DGD great talent, hope he takes the next few weeks to work on his hips.
Contracts are just legally binding agreements. So a contract could still say "you can transfer out if you choose to" .....
Under the Caveat that there is no such thing as too much depth, I don't think changes depth too much from a talent perspective. And I don't think it changes much from an experience perspective either. I'm willing to bet he wasn't grasping the system, with Bullard, Lassiter, and Starks being underclassmen, and I'm thinking Aguero is a day 1 starter, I just don't think there was enough playing time to go around with what's left on depth chart, and the incoming freshman class.
I don't think anyone is underestimating the fall off after Stetson. No matter who starts for Georgia, barring a transfer, they will have 0 college starts. There's going to be growing pains regardless.
I might be alone on this one. But THIS season, I think all three QBs stay. Brock is a true sophomore this year, with a RS year still available (if he hasn't taken it). Stockton is a True Freshman. If Beck does win the job and has a great year and leads UGA to a good year, he's gone to the NFL I'd imagine. Then it's Vandagriff vs Stockton both with multiple years of eligibility left. Brock doesn't strike me as someone who needs to play right away, I don't know about Gunner, but he as more eligibility to play with.
I was actually hoping Beck would get a chance to throw a TD and get that momentum rolling. TCU had their starters in when Kirby initially pulled the offensive starters.....and they still couldn't stop them. If your 1's and 2's can't stop the 3's and 4's you don't belong. I do think TCU deserve to be there, but I also didn't like that it seemed like they gave up.
Don't tend to agree with your analysis all the time, but as far pure journalism this was an excellent article. I hope to see more of these.
I think Georgia about to turn heel lmfao. This is villainous.
Was just listening to it. I have a love/hate relationship with these leaks
Lol I'm a Millennial so unfortunately (or fortunately?) it's in my lexicon