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He always had the ability. You don't get to play for Michigan or Tennessee without that. He just needed time to ripen and mature. He'll be a good QB next year. Looked good against Clemson, for sure.
He should probably amend that to "2 years away if *everything* goes right". UGA is so much head and shoulders above the rest of college football right now that to compete in two years FSU would have to not whiff on any recruits or transfers, and avoid any injuries or off-the-field issues just to compete with UGA. Norvell is turning the program around, but they aren't there yet.
Not sure if that counts as libel so much as speculation, but I agree with you. Bennett was by far the leader of that team, which can be just as important (if not more) than physical attributes.
I love the thought of a UK-WVU series, in both football and mens' basketball. I'd also love to play UVA, Indiana, and/or Cincinnati (Xavier also in basketball).
Graham "You Can't Stop Me, You Can Only Hope to Contain Me" Mertz will take Florida, the South, and the Nation as a whole by storm. By the times he's done, Argentina won't even care about soccer anymore. It'll be an American Football-centric World.
I like both. Johnny cakes for eating, and cornbread and buttermilk for a late night snack.
As a Kentucky fan, his ACC bias did frustrate me at times ("What's he doing to Wojo?!"), but he was always clear, concise, and informative. To be honest, I've missed him since he retired.
Definitely agree with you on UK. Arkansas is frosh heavy, and injuries have decimated them. UK was ranked No. 4 and a popular title pick because they have several upperclassmen, including the rare sight of multiple seniors on the team. The sample size of two games is a little small, but it looks like they may be figuring some things out. Hopefully this is a true turnaround we're seeing. Also, I hope Smith heals up and Arkansas gets back to somewhat full strength (obviously minus Brazile). There's still plenty of season left.
My first crush was Daisy Duke. My first car crush was the General Lee. So I'm going with the Dukes for old time's sake.
I think the UK team that showed at Tennessee and in the second half against Georgia is the real UK team, if they want it. I think Cal is realizing his best lineup is Wallace, Toppin, Tshiebwe, Frederick, and Reeves. Wheeler only played 11 minutes last night. TBH, I think Wheeler has more positives than negatives, and I'd like to see him on the floor more than that, but who in that lineup should he replace? Frederick and Reeves add spacing and shooting, and Wallace should run the point. Wheeler gets too erratic. The performances we got from Oscar and Toppin last night are what we need to see every game going forward. There are no easy games left on the schedule.
I've moved past anger, unfortunately. I'm more and more finding myself drifting towards apathy.
Where is this hate coming from? I've seen no examples of Bennett being a punk, ever.
I can't be confused as a Georgia fan, but I am a Kirby Smart fan, and what he has built over the last 7 years is truly remarkable. Georgia under Richt always seemed snakebit, and Smart seems to have St. Patrick-ed all the snakes out of Athens, if not the state. His defenses are so much fun to watch, and the offense under Monken is fantastic. It's patently unfair to the rest of the nation that Bowers can't go pro yet. Good job, Dawgs. Back to back, well deserved. And no, I don't see anybody stopping this train next year.
Congrats UGA! What a run of dominance these past two seasons!
It's been a heck of a run the past two years. As much as I want my Cats to be able to beat them, their dominance has been fun to watch.
UGA has gone 14-0 with a schedule the included Oregon, at South Carolina, at Mississippi St, Tennessee, LSU, and Ohio St. They only had one game which they really struggled in during the regular season (at Missouri), but they were able to come back and win it. It's not Georgia's fault UK and UF couldn't hold up their side of the bargain this year, but both of those were bowl eligible teams. And of course they won all the games they were supposed to win with little trouble. What more do you want?
Hard to envision UGA having a third straight underwhelming defensive performance.
I think, more than reassessing the amount of stars, it goes to show that there's more than one way to build a program. Sometimes, even five-star prospects need development. Also, sometimes, the recruiting rankings are wrong. We have to remember those are based on how a player did in high school, which is a completely different talent pool than in FBS. Bennett and Duggan are both perfect fits for their teams, and both have been developed nicely by their coaches. Can't wait for Monday.
They don't need to add a 4-point line. If they feel the need to add a 4-point shot, just make it the half-court line.
What a fun night yesterday. Both games were incredible. I'll be rooting for Georgia but it won't upset me if TCU caps off the most unexpected championship run in history. Happy New Year, everyone!
That's gonna be a heck of a game tonight. Good luck to both teams.
It's not really soccer unless he falls down and feigns a broken arm.
That win Missouri got over Illinois was exactly what the SEC needed after Terrible Tuesday. Kudos, Tigers!