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Who cares, honestly. This is football, shouldn't have to be political.
But we improved from #23 to #9 so I would say that's great progress.
But wasn't he knocking on people's doors harrasing people?
"...and says he’s still the best player in the draft." We shall see.
??? Nothing better to do? Lol ur gonna get a beatdown by Texas next year
He JUST won his team back-2-back natties and this is what he does?
Typical Georgia fan. Only they would say something like this
Oh cmon he's not THAT bad as he used to be now...
Cancel Culture? You mean the school taking away his scholarship because he said the n-word?
You do realize it's censored because people on here have tried to bypass the censors right?
If you're not black don't say it. Simple. How hard is it to not say one simple word?