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Please just let the kid go. Let the nightmare end...
Man look at ya'll fair weather fans on here! Stop crying and give the man some time! Did I hate this season absolutely!! Look at FSU and Mike Norvell, I believe this is year 3 for him and they put out a good team. I mean if you can do better I guess ya'll should've applied to be the Gators head coach!
So how in the world is Champ not already a member? Like what idiot is in charge and how is he not already been selected before now?
Happy for Richardson but I feel Stetson Bennett should have gotten it.
Not a Bulldog fan by no means but this kid is a stud! I hope he has a healthy and productive season.
I'm not a Dog fan by any means but my biggest concern for y'all is with Bennett playing like he is that Kirby will keep him as the starter. Yes we all know that Daniels is better but Kirby has some weird relationship with Bennett that he just throws him in there. Hopefully when Daniels is healthy they bench Bennett so he doesn't cost y'all a big game.
I agree Southerndawg! Florida did show the rest of the SEC the blue print to win against Bama. I honestly think Georgia has the best shot at as long as they keep pounding the ball! Their front 7 is the best or one of the best in the nation! Don't get me wrong I want Florida to beat Georgia but they have the best shot. Only liability the Dogs have on defense is probably their secondary.