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Any discussion of nonconference games needed always has to have; Trojans vs Cocks USC vs USC Your condoms can't hold our Gamecocks
At this point he's a Clempson fan about to disappear with what 10AhC is doing.
Every comment from any Gator fan in 2022 is a tear in disguise.
I'm thinking they take a similar game plan as they did with Clempson. Do their best to stop the run and let them try to beat them man to man coverage. The game will be decided by the new ND QB and receivers vs green USC CBs. Sounds like the crowd will be 70% Gamecocks. Hope that helps
All of this focus on who is going to the transfer portal and whos joining the NFL and sitting out for the draft is looking for clicks. The Gamecocks are ahead of the game on whats happening with NIL and Beamer has shown that he's treating each season like most NCAA Basketball teams are treating their 1 and done players. Are they going to win this game with such a shift in starters? Maybe not... If they do, are you going to give Beamer and the players that stayed dedicated to the team the props? The Gamecocks could lose this game by 21 and it still doesn't diminish what happen those last two games. BUT if they do pull this off and win again, every pundit trying to tear down what has been accomplished better shut up and keep their mouths to themselves to what Beamer and his team is doing until at least the 5th game of next year.
You stole that quote from Dabo Swinney. Here is what he said after getting beat 51-14 by FSU at home. "If we played FSU 10 times, they probably win five and we'd win five."
Apparently you do if you felt you should respond. You are giving everyone here more ammo to pull for Clempson over 10AhC for the 5th place bowl.
West Virginia has entered the chat.
He's definitely destroyed the narrative everyone was trying to push pre-season that he's selfish.
Going to be a fun day on 12/30. Planning on doing a few poker games in between Anti-Condoms/Gamecocks and the Clempson/10AhC game. I hope all these transfers and NFL departures don't prevent some good ball being played.
Someone has their 9 year old on trolling with vocabulary they are struggling to understand.
Cocks vs Anti-Condoms Basically the reverse of Cocks vs Trojans.
We broke a few streaks but we have a nasty one building up against Missouri.
Depending on his relationship with Satterfield... his choice might have been made easier. If Gamecocks get a good bowl opponent and he has another good day; he's most likely gone to the NFL.
Dominate as long as Alabama has then you can talk this garbage. You act like Georgia has been dominating the last ~15 years.
This comment section went just as well as I expected.
There's Clempson fans out there trying to start up some rumors that Rattler is leaving with him. Interesting twist on the salt coming from a rival.
Rumor coming out that Satterfield had already decided to leave before the Tennessee game. He either was calling it and simply decided to try something new without fear. He was calling it but his game plan actually works against better teams. (This gets negated with us getting destroyed by Georgia) Or he wasn't calling it
That's actually a decent 4 loss Illinois team. Biggest loss was by 8 to MSU. Lost away to Michigan by only 2.