20 years of coaching including D1. Now own a small business. Volunteer scientist for the US Fish and Wildlife Service, Paxutent Center, USGeological survey. I'm working on summiting a large sample of the Western Hemisphere's highest peaks. In the 48 states I've now been on top of 23 of Colorado and Utah's highest. Have also summited several peaks in Ecuador, Puerto Rico, and had a very comfortable night on the flank of an active volcano. Life is good. Never stop being an athlete/scholar. Always appreciate the endeavors of others to make the earth better appreciated and understood. I believe God Blesses us daily with uncountable miracles. I believe in prayer and gratitude. I think it is a great challenge of humanity to understand human suffering as well as our miraculous Blessings. Being human therefore is like being on one great team and having to train/work every day to perform our role.

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True but nobody predicted Cook running at will and looking uncatchable
Visit some high schools, do some team laundry, check on some academic performance, have some boys visit campus. There has to be something going on if you have 100 student athletes doing their off season classroom and physical training, for the top football competitive level. Even I could tell what I did in the weight room today and why! The light of day needs to shine on why some programs show up ready to play in August and others are still getting warmed up in December
I don’t know how they buy their rankings and I don’t care. They are completely meaningless. A conference record means something if everyone plays everyone an equal number of games. That’s the end of real comparisons in the sport. The metric used the most is the NCAA tournament and a one game match up against an opponent sometimes says who was better, sometimes doesn’t. Don’t bother us with basketball news except maybe conference play where we can have a relative judgement. On Missouri I need to hear more substance out of Dennis Gates before I start expecting a champ out of him. If a game is not both a science and an art… why are we watching something that’s an accident?
Missouri has already proven that Cook won’t lose games where they are clear favorites. So there is a fair chance he improves some and wins a couple games they shouldn’t. Quickly followed by they would be a winning program if he could just win one game where they are the underdog. Until you can write Horn should play before Cook because 1., 2., 3., you’re just blowing smoke out of your posterior. A good journalist would find out what Horn’s strengths and weaknesses have looked like so far. Like his rocket arm! A good journalist would also know that Missouri has an inexperienced D coordinator that, while good, still needs to improve a lot. If Missouri does not show Drinks improvement getting back on track in 2023. The dialogue about Missouri will be more staff oriented in 2024
Kelly has never had a recruiting challenge in his career that I remember. He has also never proven his coaching is winning games compared to his institution’s talent draw. I’m willing to be convinced but I’m not betting Kelly ever wins SEC crown from this point forward and Id be more likely to bet he doesn’t win another SEC division… And I like Kelly on the surface, I think he’s a football man. Time will tell but I would say his career % will be about 60
Without naming either a Division 1 or 2 institution, I’ll tell you they don’t keep permission to drive lists visible, and I never saw a good sign out and in system. But I also never saw keys handed to irresponsible people. Head Coaches or A.D.s usually have a plan for who will drive where and again I never saw irresponsible drivers sent. In this case clearly an irresponsible person was driving and the most likely reason was she didn’t have permission to. I said “most likely”. So when the University asserts that the vehicle was being used by a person without permission, there’s a far better than 50/50 chance this is the case.
Thanks for this. Can we say losing by an average of 2 points has more value than losing by an average of 3 touchdowns? And when the order of finish per division changes a lot each year it’s a good sign for more coaching staffs.
Some coaching staffs / roster members want stability, others want hiring firing action on time from the Univ…. Same for fans. Francois took a reasonable RISK. When you are the manager of an operation the scope of top D1 football but you think you don’t need a Offensive Coordinator, you better be a dynamite OC and hire people to cover a lot of administrative duties. In my humble opinion Drinkwitz is getting slightly out coached and slightly out managed. How much more top end does he have? 1. He needs to Ace what the NCAA will let him do with off season training. 2. He needs to have a top flight top trained offense from the first snap of 2023 to the last snap. If he has receivers/ rec. coaching and an offensive line well trained he can get in to the top of college football quality this year…. but he has to put down the smmooozer approach and master the manager of man-Tiger- power action Jackson
Hard to argue with his low interception rate. When they are in the game and have a chance to win.
1. Get the players from Missouri who have the top mental and physical abilities and training habits. 2. Don’t apologize if a Missouri player has to go somewhere else because he go beat out by anyone else in the world… I mean, are you kidding me? And I think there is some of this alumni sentiment in St. Louis …. meaning Missouri can’t get too good or we won’t be able to make the coaches play our lower depth chart favorite sons
Everyone in Missouri saw Cook get a fair shot at winning and keeping a starting job. Mission accomplished. Maybe he keeps it but if he doesn’t the whole world will see his replacements edge. I don’t think Missouri has their OC job maxed out but keeping the mistakes low has been a good start. Everyone needs to remember that Drink can hire assistants to do any and all of his duties so his play designing and calling duties are not necessarily history. Here is the make or break for Drink: can he max out what his roster does to develop between Dec and Aug.??? He cannot afford these off seasons where his team appears to not gain strength, cardio, knowledge, training ethic, etc. if you have a roster that won’t work year round you have the wrong roster.
And 17-18 year olds are still growing and maturing at different rates in different ways. Some of them have never been in a good training program
On Mizzurahs Cook vs Horn vs. Garcia vs the freshman: Ask their receiver coach, ….who is replacing two of their all time most reliable targets. Horn has a lot of field expanding range and one can argue this is the keys to their competing for a division/conf title type attack. But if they lose gaining qb yards on the ground with Horn then is is this a net gain and how much of a gain?
Exactly, Cook is not holding Mizzou back. The OC, playbook, the blocking, the receivers getting open, need improvement as much as QB play. Maybe the running backs could take a little more of success load but they were looking pretty maxed out to exploiting holes in my view
Yes Missouri’s Cook has that explosive start and speed. But just as important to win the job will be matching his zero interception potential. I don’t think this position is decided however. Horn has height and long range. The Miami transfer gets a lot of good ink. As does the next new Freshman QB. Missouri will be OK at QB. But my oh my they need an OC that can develop run blocking to go with pass blocking.
Arch to UT in the universe of places he could have gone????? SEC taking UT and Ok, when they already have a football cohesive problem of divisions who don’t interschedule? Is the SEC governed by smart institution representatives or just by a few guys with a lot of money to blow? Does the Big 10 exist to wedge Ohio State and Michigan into a 130 member “playoff”? At what point do TV audiences start feeling like nationwide morons putting up with a promotion like that? Really? No PAC rep, No ACC rep, just 3 conferences in a “play off”? Bad for football but good for a few selected bank accounts.
Did he set any records for number of college seasons, quarters played, age, games started, minutes on the field? He looks like a third year grad asst. out there still wrapping up that doctoral project. And will he now finally get a shot at the next level, for heaven’s sake don’t get hurt at practice now!
Ok you have a market report on yourself. Now Just pick a program and stay there already and quit ruining everyone else careful planning
?top 14? Excitement has expanded across half the North American landmass!
Offensive coordinators are supposed to teach every receiver to get open. The less you do this the more Lovetts you have and lower your chances of winning a game. Shake your cover on time, everyone.
This is about quality. You can’t fight a lack of citizenship quality on rosters by being low-classed in the grandstands. Fans can certainly make public protests, comments, etc., but how you protest matters. This is my problem with the Antlers and admittedly I don’t follow every exhibition they stage, but I do consistently hear and read that as a rule, they don’t take the highest ground. If Alabama knew a candidate had a citizenship deficiency and they put him in a uniform anyway this is open season for respectful public comments.
I’m not the judge of who should be on college rosters. I’m writing what you can’t argue with. The NCAA can tell members how clean their recruits and team members histories have to be. They can also dictate eligibility limits for student athletes who are not good campus citizens. They can also penalize programs that don’t scrutinize. These guidelines would be more important than monitoring every comment ticket buyers make, BUT BOTH AFFECT THE QUALITY OF EVENTS. If you are not behind both these quality issues then you’re personally another target for the NCAA.
Playbook and an OC dedicated to one job will make a much better football plan/practice/season/record/statistic/ and result
Bryant was highly overrated and played in Odoms horrible offense.
Cook will be at the spring practices learning the 2023 scheme right along with the other QBs Cook knows the Missouri roster better than everyone else in that position. I haven’t seen enough of the other candidates to know if they can beat Horn out or not. Or even to say if Horn might beat Cook If the new OC doesn’t repeat their low interception rate and doesn’t have a true dual threat quarterback, then he might be going back to the coaches portal !