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I don't understand the hubris. Dude could make the same $, as OC, for teams finishing top 5 every year, and be called a guru. But Dude's ego forces him to try to be HC, which he CLEARLY is not cut out to be. Ego is a be-yotch.
Is it just me, or is the SEC/ACC game that should be revived is UGa vs Clem's Son? I know I am old, but that was a BIG game back in the day.
"Looking better" is easy to do in a conference with one legitimate team. Competing with UGa is a horse, or rather, Dawg, of a different color.
I think FSU is much farther than 2 years away from competing with the likes of UGa. FSU has been claiming to be "back" since 1996. Except for the one Jameis Winston championship year, they have been wrong every time. I do not see that changing any time soon.
As far as that goes, the vast majority of Justified was shot in Southern California.
The question was "set" in com I'm not actually "shot" in. I can have a movie set in Afghanistan, but totally shoot it in the mountains of Arizona.
Well, kiffin is known as an offensive guy. So somebody who thinks he has a shot at the NFL wants to go to someone who is proven to develop offensive players to that level. If he were to recruit say, someone like muschamp to be his DC, you might start seeing those types of commits on the other side of the line of scrimmage
Point taken. Let me amend my previous statement. Kaint throw for 500 yds and 4 TDs sitting on my bench.
I wonder how much of this is based upon, "I need a QB", opposed to how much it is based upon, "I need to keep this QB off of an SEC West opponent's sideline". Kaint hertcha sittin yer bench.
Bama definitely reset expectations. Kudos to the Tide and Saban. But, all good things...
But, playing in Nashville is like a home game anyway, so the original point stands
Have you seen our schedule for next season? We only have 2 true road games, at vandy, at Tennessee, And the cocktail party. Every other game is at home. How did that happen?
I don't understand the continuing knocks on SBIV. They said he couldn't throw the ball long, but he throws the ball long on a dime all the time. they said he wasn't athletic enough, but he breaks defensive ends ankles and out sprints defensive backs to the end zone. And did you see the touch on that last touchdown pass in the play off against OSU? That was a thing of beauty. Dude can ball. Dude can ball.
Not quite the same. Our bars stay open late, but they actually do close at some point. They seem to be open 24 - 7 in the Big Easy
I was certain Herbstreit was gonna homer. I am very happy to say I was completely wrong. He was professional and objective the entire game.
Is that your doctoral thesis for your phD in football theory?
The UGA secondary? The one with Malachi Starks and kelee ringo? You're talking about that secondary being weak?
That was about 20,000 words over what was necessary to say… good players win big games.
If Ryan Fitzpatrick can play for over 10 years in the NFL, often as a starter, there has got to be a place for SBIV
The Rebels are gonna make the other UT asj themselves… what the f*** were we thinking wanting to join the SEC?
Actually, I kind of wonder if that was something arch took into account. I could come here, and be 1 of 3 5 stars in the room...or, Go to somewhere like Texas and undoubtedly be the man