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Beck probably could’ve started 2 years ago, and the results more than likely would’ve been close to, if not the same, in Athens. A blind man could have started at Florida and the results more than likely would’ve been close to, if not the same, in Gainesville. Of all the quarterbacks in the portal he picks the one guy nobody else had any interest in. And that folks is why Billy will be 3 and out.
Game should start at 2:00 AM so nobody will have to watch all the interceptions thrown.
As Georgia showed us, to be a true annual threat, you need 3 things: Top-5 talent = Florida No The right offensive scheme = Florida definitely No A coach with a proven track record = Florida No
And you being the recipient, glad to have helped you
I had to post this individually because this website wouldn’t allow long posts. You asked and I replied.
The administration at Florida dropped the ball a long time ago and yet the single one department that brings millions of dollars to the university has been handled like they don’t matter. If Florida ever finds the right university president and if they ever hire a proven successful head coach this football team would compete every single year. Instead look where this football team is and you tell me that you are satisfied.
I will reiterate I am a Florida football fan but I am disgusted with the incompetence that has surrounded this athletic department for years now. Florida already operates at a disadvantage. Georgia has to recruit against nobody in state unless you want to try and qualify tech. Alabama has to recruit against Auburn only. Tennessee has no other college to recruit against. We consistently have to recruit against Miami and Florida State and now you can include UCF, they are growing.
#6 A proven head coach with power 5 experience should have been hired. Billy has no experience at this level and it shows in coaching. He can recruit I’ll give him some leeway there but his in game decisions and lack of any improvement during the season showed where he’s at. #7 Defensive coordinator, Florida doesn’t have one we have an on the job learning guy.
3 Dan Mullen should have been fired with cause and not been paid one dime. Recruiting was in his job description and he refused to do it. #4 Todd Grantham should have been fired for incompetence. #5 Napier should have been hired as the athlete director.
Let’s go back just a bit #1 The university of Florida president and regents should be held accountable for failure to monitor Scott Stricklin #2 Stricklin should have been fired for not overseeing both the football and basketball programs including the women’s basketball program. Both the football and basketball programs needed coaches replaced for incompetence the women’s coach for what happened there.
“ Bredell Richardson is a 4-star prospect and a key recruit out of Florida” Out is the key word in this sentence. Out of the Napier no pass offense, out of a losing system, out of an inexperienced staff. The “army” just didn’t impress this recruit.
Some of that money could have gone into hiring experienced head coaches especially in football and basketball. Also experienced offensive and defensive coordinators. Toney = Grantham
Lol Biden would fit right in with those butt sniffing, ball licking bulldogs They would go good together
3 star Houston Cougars That’s all you need to know
Tennessee, Vanderbilt, Florida, Georgia, Ole Miss, South Carolina and Kentucky. Alongside those 7 are Georgia Tech, Duke, Florida State, East Carolina, Georgia Southern, Cincinnati and Colorado. Go ahead and take Florida off that list please. “Dream school” “Next level” “Impressive staff” We’ve heard all that stuff, they only mention Florida because if nobody else wants them we end up with them. Florida is like the last player drafted in the NFL now. Leftover Mertz
Florida hasn’t had an offensive coordinator in years and look how good we’re doing……oh wait. We ain’t doing.
Florida made their biggest mistake when the administration decided they were not in the market for a proven successful head coach candidate at the power 5 level. Billy was and is a lower tier mediocre head coach. He’s an administrator, I have stated this over and over. There is a huge difference between being a head coach and an administrator, he would make an excellent athletic director but he simply is not a proven successful head coach. You take anyone with some football knowledge and they can win at Louisiana Tech but that doesn’t mean they can win in the SEC. He worked under Saban but that doesn’t make him a successful head coach any more than working in maintenance at a hospital makes you a doctor. He’s a good man I won’t deny that, he’s probably as best a family man you’ll find anywhere. Ethics? He may just be right up there with the best. However those traits don’t make him a head coach at the SEC level. He can recruit……..BUT !!!!! He recruits at Louisiana Tech level. I’ll state it over and over YOU WILL NOT FIND A GATOR FAN WHO WANTS SUCCESS MORE THAN ME. However when the rubber meets the road Billy is just not going to be the guy who moves Florida past Vanderbilt let alone the rest of the teams in the east. The biggest thing Florida fans are riding right now is hope. Hope…..hope that Billy can win, hope that Mertz can quarterback, hope that an all new offensive line can open holes for a 90% run team. Florida’s only hope is their offensive line can be the single elite offensive line in the entire nation because we now have a quarterback who can’t throw and he can’t run and he couldn’t even win in the conference he played in. Next season is going to be the biggest fiasco in the recent history of the Florida Gators. I will reiterate 3 years and Florida starts all over again looking for a head coach. Maybe by then we’ll have an administration that will go after someone who has proven to be successful. My last statement is I do not have any personal reason to dislike Billy Napier it’s just that between last season and the utter incompetence of no improvement during the season and the recruiting to date gives little “hope” of any sustained improvement for this team.
It’s going to be easy to beat the Gators next season. Defenses will stack the line especially when you have a proven interception star quarterback and one receiver. Brand new 3 stars on defense and a negative 9 star defensive coordinator. Three years from now we’ll start all over again. The portal at one point had a bunch of quarterbacks and we get hurt with Mertz.
3 star running back, 3 star linebacker No quarterback and no receivers Sounds like Florida is going to be the old georgia tech. Boring boring boring football
Proverbs 10:4 4 Lazy hands make for poverty, but diligent hands bring wealth.
Genesis 2:15 15 The LORD God took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden to work it and take care of it.
1 Timothy 5:8 8 Anyone who does not provide for their relatives, and especially for their own household, has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever.
Before you go quoting out of context 2 THESSALONIANS 3:10 KJ21 For even when we were with you, this we commanded you: that if any would not work, neither should he eat.
“Many questions remain unanswered, however. Foremost among them: Why were two university employees out with two student-athletes at such a late hour, riding in a rented vehicle like those the football program uses to transport potential recruits?” Quoted from AJC article in today’s front page
Everyone already knows Florida NIL people didn’t stand behind their word
A blind man in a fifty five gallon drum throwing passes would be better than the guy billy kept hyping
After seeing Florida’s offense under billy ball there’s not one single good quarterback who wants to ruin his nfl chances playing for the Gators. Lagway will not be playing at Florida just like I said a long time ago concerning the recent bust. Go back and look all you want and you’ll see I stated he wouldn’t be playing at Florida. Not saying billy is a bad guy, he’s a BAD offensive mind. He desperately needs an offensive coordinator because he simply isn’t one. This season will prove that fact and it will also prove again when I state Lagway will not be quarterbacking at Florida. Until billy realizes he’s not the offensive genius he thinks he is it will be a long time before Florida gets a good quarterback.