Mel Kiper Jr. is aware that Stetson Bennett will be an intriguing storyline entering the NFL Draft.

Kiper, the ESPN draft an addressed the Georgia quarterback’s draft prospects on ESPN’s “First Take.”

“Interesting guy,” Kiper said. “Nobody can give you an answer on Stetson Bennett except that hey, if Bryce Young is going to go in the top 5, where’s Stetson Bennett going to fall? This guy wins games. He’s a gutty competitor, he had guys leaving that program after last year. This year, no fall back, he didn’t have all the pieces he had back in 2021 this season, yet he still leads his team to a national title.”

Kiper then brought up Fresno State’s Jake Haener, another example of a player who doesn’t have great size, but continues to win and draws comparisons to Drew Brees. Kiper dismissed that because there will always be comparisons of an accurate 6-foot quarterback being Brees.

“For me, Jack Haener, Stetson Bennett are in that next tier of quarterbacks,” he said. “People say, ‘Who’s the next Brock Purdy? Everybody’s looking for the next Brock Purdy. Good luck trying to find that guy.”