The University of Georgia community continues to mourn the loss of Devin Willock and Chandler LeCroy from a fatal car wreck earlier in the month.

As the community mourns those losses, Georgia released an initial statement on the incident Tuesday evening. Georgia AD Josh Brooks announced in that statement the university would be conducting its own investigation into the matter.

As of Friday night, Georgia Athletics put out a second statement updating the course of the investigation. While the university acknowledged the review is still ongoing, some clarity has been provided on certain matters.

The statement goes on to acknowledge that the vehicle involved in the accident was reserved for use in recruiting activities only and that continued use of the vehicle beyond those recruiting activities was unauthorized:

“The car driven in the accident was one of several vehicles leased by our athletic department for use during recruiting activities only,” the statement reads. “Policies and expectations that were well understood by athletics staff dictated that such rental vehicles were to be turned in at the immediate conclusion of recruiting duties. Personal use was strictly prohibited. Therefore, the continued use of the leased car by our staff members after their recruiting duties ended earlier that evening was unauthorized.”