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This is the way it always happens. The end of a dynasty starts slowly, and then comes all at once.
Yeah... there's a special place in h e l l for people like you.
Welp, if anyone ever wondered how big Nick Saban's ego, this is the answer. Nick Saban's ego is so big he thinks he can hire Todd Grantham and everyone will get in line behind him on it, and it will be a successful hire. This is every bit as bad as Bill Belichick making Matt Patricia and Joe Judge Co-OC's.
The NCAA has absolutely nothing to do with CFB National Titles. They never have, and they never will. And your last line is a hilarious lie. There is no National Title out there that the Gumps can claim that they haven't.
Man, you guys really will find any excuse to claim any kind of bulls--t that y'all want to believe, won't you? Hurts didn't win y'all that title. He was going to lose y'all that title. Tua won it. Good Lord, dude.
Welp, the Gumps claim about 7 national titles that they didn't actually win, so this is just par for the course for them. Their inflated sense of self-worth is rivaled only by their deflated 3rd grade reading levels.
Man, FU fans are not happy with Stricklin about this. I wonder what they expect. A second-rate game night for a second-rate program. Seems about right to me.
Yeah, you obviously aren't paying attention. Anyone who saw BVG take any snaps in Spring or in the one game he got into this year knows he's the most likely odd man out. To say he's inaccurate is being charitable. To say his accuracy problems are "Anthony Richardson-like" is closer to the truth. You're likely a star-f--ker who has no clue.
It was reported someone was knocking on doors. Not that Bennett was. In the report, the cops just found him in the area not doing much of anything. "Harassing" was also not in the report. Do you understand the legal definition of what has to happen before something can be described as harassing? I'm guessing no.
Stetson wasn't arrested for DUI. He got a misdemeanor for the most b.s. charge in America, "public intoxication." Something every single person here has been at some point in their lives. Odds are, the cops saw it was Bennett, and instead of doing what most cops do in that situation (have you call yourself an Uber) they were like, "We're gonna get him!" Go take a dirt nap.
Oh, 'turd, don't worry. Your daddy may be gone, but your Pappy, King Kirby, he's still here. You can go back and watch YouTube clips of your glorious outlier past (don't go too far back though or you'll just find 90 years of mediocrity before 1990), while here in the present, King Kirby OWNS YOUR A--ES!!!
Matt Hayes dealing in more vile libel? He wouldn't be Matt Hayes if he didn't. It doesn't look like I'm the only who caught your bs about Beck could've done what Bennett did the last two seasons. You 'turds are honestly worse than Gumps. You just can't deal with the fact that Bennett is your daddy.
He's talking about 2023. Not 2024. Puglisi and Raiola come next year.
The next time a 'turd "humbles" me, TwoS--ts, it will be the first time. If you thought this season's beat down was bad, wait until you see what we got ready for Mertz.
Hey, TwoS--ts, have you ever walked around anywhere outside your house or a bar while drunk? Congrats, you too have been "publicly intoxicated."
Yeah, 1994 is right. It's hilarious that Gumps are now looking up at us and trying to nitpick. How the mighty have fallen!
Oh Hillbilly. Of course you believe things that aren't true. You believe Hendon Hooker was better than Bennett, too. That was also untrue.
The one were Mel Kiper said he was a 3rd round prospect, you dumb Gump? You need to cope better. Or cry harder. Either way, Roll Tears, Roll!
Like I said, you effing moron, if Monken leaves for the NFL, MONEY HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH IT. He's already one of the highest paid OC's in CFB. NFL OCs don't make as much money as you seem to think they do, you effing idiot.
And I told you then, you don't know what the f--k you're talking about. Georgia can and would pay Monken more than what he would make in the NFL. NFL OCs aren't as high paid as you seem to think they are, and Georgia's football budget far outstrips what just about any team in CFB has, and can more than afford to pay Monken more than what he would make in the NFL. If Monken leaves for the NFL, money will have nothing to do with it, idiot.
Yeah, that is 100% absolutely not true. I know you may not understand, because you're a Chicken at a lower-mid-tier SEC School, but Georgia's budget, if you saw it, would likely make you want to give up being a Sakerlina fan altogether because it would show you, for sure, just how far behind y'all are. Todd could stay or go, but I guarantee money will have nothing to do with it.
Yeah, because if Kirby called Buster with the chance to come back to Athens to be the OC with a better payday than he's getting at the NATS and the ability to coach much better players, he's going to decline the offer? Get real. If Kirby the Closer wants Faulkner, he's getting him.
Welp, that's why we call y'all Gumps. You ain't smart men (or women).
Cherry-picked stats without a shred of context are a Hillbilly thing.
That Sunbelt Billy contract is particularly hilarious, especially considering how relatively smart (for idiot ADs who hand out contract extensions like candy from the rich neighborhood at Halloween) the Sideshow Dan the Clown contract was.