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"It wasn’t like Mike Denbrock was sitting at a 100% approval rating throughout 2022." I can agree with that. Kelly, like Miles, is stubborn. He insists on running that Notre Dame offense when he doesn't have to run it anymore. Hence, Jayden Daniels over Garrett Nussmeier. And his desperate need to bring in TEs when he has all these great WRs. At least his offense is not as antiquated as Les Miles's offense.
Since Saban took over at Alabama, LSU is 11-5 against Auburn. Kind of hard to give them their due. But once in a while they have a good team.
LSU has been the biggest SEC West threat to Alabama for more than two decades. Wear your Captain Obvious hat proudly, Connor. You earned it.
You're right about Kelly naming Daniels the QB1. This is the second time Hayes has ignored that fact. Hayes likes to ignore things. I think that makes him ignorant.
Freeze must have set him up with a pro.
Georgia fans sound just like Alabama fans 10 years ago. I guess eventually they'll start acting like they've been there before.
"the Hogs could be sneaky with KJ Jefferson returning as, for my money, the best quarterback in the SEC." Put your money on Mertz. From what I hear, Mertzmania is about to sweep the country.
No easy answer. Reminds me of that old Sly Stone song, "Everyday People". Deaf ears, everywhere.
I think he's probably right about Young. Little guy is going to get hurt. But he could be way off on Levis. I don't get the Levis hype.
Some Gators fans are just too impatient. Doering says Napier is doing things the right way, but it takes time. He has gotten rid of all the riff raff and apparently turned his back on the mercenary Rashada. He has a decent 2023 class, and he has Lagway coming in the 2024 class. It's going to be a slow rebuild. I don't think anyone wants the Gators to succeed as much as Doering and Emmitt Smith, and they both are preaching patience.
It's just a shortcut, like typing UGA instead of Georgia. It's part of the Internet now, all these shortcuts. I sometimes have to google an abbreviation to find out what it means.
"I wouldn’t expect LSU coach Brian Kelly to make any definitive statement about starter and backup during spring ball, making Nussmeier’s decision more difficult." Actually, Kelly has made a preemptive strike by announcing that Daniels is QB1. Whatever he has said to Nussmeier in private, in public he is shooting down any talk of a QB controversy. But it will be interesting to see how this develops. It's a good problem to have. Personally, I'd like to see Nussmeier win the job this spring, even if it means Daniels transfers out. Nussmeier is a long-term option. Daniels will have no eligibility after 2023.
Well, it wouldn't be SDS without some sort of mistake. "We don't need no stinking spellchecker. We don't need no stinking fact checker."
2010 and 2011 is the last time it happened. It's due to happen again.
You also have to include the Jimi Hendrix Experience, which was technically a band. Or do you consider them heavy metal?
I think you overrate Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, but to each is own. I'm sure I overrate the Allman Brothers. I would put the Velvet Underground higher than Tom Petty.
Corch, if that's the case, then the Allman Brothers don't top REM, either. They had only four great albums (including "Fillmore East"). I like them at least as much as REM, but I can agree that REM has the greater overall output.
I think "Free Bird" and "Curtis Lowe" are great, two of my favorites. But I don't have much use for the rest of it.
If Jacksonville qualifies, then I might choose the Allman Brothers. I think REM tops Skynyrd.
Hard to argue with REM for consistency over several years, since the question was best band from an SEC town. I don't watch TV, and all those TV shows y'all mentioned are utterly foreign to me. I don't watch basketball, so I have no clue which SEC team is the most disappointing. I don't know what Kiffin is doing with his QB room, but it's good to have three if you can keep them on the roster. As for the last question, I'll take the two straight NY6 wins. It's a thin line between making the playoff and playing in a NY6 game.
Interesting. Howard left LSU because he was going to be 3rd team. Maybe he can beat out Dart and Sanders, maybe not. He could be warming the bench for another year.
I've read that no one is making this kind of money on NIL deals. According to On3, the highest reported amount in 2022 was $3.2m for Bryce Young. Caleb Williams $2.5m. Those are your last two Heisman winners. And you expect me to believe some kid out of HS who never played a down in college is getting $13m? That's hard to believe.
We had high hopes for him at first, but it didn't work out. Good luck to him.
Smaller programs will not go to an employee model. They can't afford it. They will remain with the NCAA, along with FCS, Divison II and Division III. This is why so many smaller programs are jockeying for space in the major conferences. They don't want to be left behind. Unfortunately, most of them will be left behind.
And the NFL has its old-timer ballot, whatever they call it, for old players who didn't get in during their initial window of eligibility.
I'm reminded of Patrick Mahomes, mainly because LSU played against him in a bowl game. He was a one-man wrecking crew at Texas Tech, but he had a lousy team around him and finished with a losing record for his career. To my knowledge, Mahomes never made an All-American team. The All-American QB in 2016 was Lamar Jackson, and if it wasn't unanimous it was close to it. Mahomes was 2nd team All-Big 12, second to Baker Mayfield. I don't see anyone lobbying for Mahomes to be enshrined in the College Football HOF, although he led the nation in passing and won the Sammy Baugh award. It's a beauty contest. Football is a team sport. Let it go.